Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes your weekend is almost over, I know it sucks but at least you have next weekend to look forward to! You also came here probably looking for some answers to lifes burning questions, and by that I mean random questions you all sent to me throughout the week. So it would be rather rude of me to ramble on and on about this and that when all you want to see is the answers to the questions. So I probably should get right to that shouldn't I?

So the costs for the Naxx wings in Hearthstone are out what do you think?

I know some people are complaining they are too much because the game is free to play and it actually should be free to play. My question to those people is have they ever played a free to play game. Free to play means you don't have to actually buy the game. Some free to play games make you pay for even the smallest things while most others if you a way to choose how much your time is worth to you. So in this case you grinding is worth 700g a wing(Free first wing if you play during the first month) or $6.99 per wing. Now to me this is a pretty good spot. 700g isn't an insanely large grind when you work in daily quests and the winning bonus. This doesn't even include what you can earn doing arena. Also I feel $6.99 is also a pretty good price to balance out the 700g. So really I think they did it right especially with allowing those playing during the launch to get the first wing free.

Have you heard anything about the coup at Naughty Dog?

Now these are really just rumors. Something I would be scared of is if they tried to make Uncharted 4 more like The Last of Us. Now everyone knows I love The Last of Us. It really is the best game I have ever played. Now the Uncharted series really is special to me and Drake is not like Joel. Drake is one of my favourite characters because of the way he is. Making him darker just wouldn't make me happy and may even put me off the game in general for ruining a character I am quite fond of. The Last of Us wasn't successful because it was dark it was because of everything as a whole and I hope that is what they intend to implement.

So what's this I hear about maybe an LA Noire sequel?

We can hope. Rockstar could make some of the hiccups of the game much better in my opinion.

There you have it questions all answered and you can now feel better!

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  1. LA Noire really is a game I would love to see redone in next gen graphics, but a sequel may be a better option and I would definitely get right on that train