Friday, July 25, 2014

Zoo Zoo Zoo

So there has been talk especially lately that the Meta in Hearthstone is going to be set for awhile. Now I don't particularly agree with that the game for some time now has showed us that some cheap decks can be very effective and quite popular. Zoo Lock being the most popular of the aforementioned decks. This leads me to this week's Reader Post from Vithar who has some concerns about the current meta game and his hopes of Naxx cards changing things.

I've been building my paladin deck and my variant of handlock for a while, then frustrated at how long it was taking to craft my deck i quickly built a lockzoo and only spent 400 dust and got great results from it. I can 100% guarantee that if players had the cards they needed for the deck they really wanted to play you would not see them as much as we do now. It's just so cheap to make the deck that people play it because they can.

Keep in mind im a player that spent no cash on this game (blizzard wont accept any of my plastic cards even the prepaids so i cant even if i wanted to, the amount of times i bought a prepaid and couldn't use it man...) but i imagine even the players that do or did spend cash might not have the money or time to build a control warrior with the 5-6 legendaries you need for it.

Blizz is going to have to nerf the cards to stop it from being popular now, even then though that could frustrate a lot of casual players. they cant raise dust requirements because it will wreck the playerbase, and lets be honest blizz aren't going to lower dust costs. Maybe Naxx will change this, i doubt it because you need to spend cash for it (and for people in my situation that's impossible), but who knows. i can see deathrattle decks becoming a thing now though, could be interesting.

I hate to be that skeptical prick but i think it will be around for a while, because honestly it's a pay to win game, and the cheapest way to win right now is zoo.

Anyways, my two piece. Do you think the Naxx cards are going to mess with the zoo pop? What do you think of the current meta  and what needs to change?

There you have it. As always thank you for all the submissions as it couldn't be possible to do this with them. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. Zoo lock is going to stay popular at least until some more Naxx cards come into play. People will just stay with what they know till they can adapt