Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Have You Seen My Bear Tibbers?

Wednesday yes it really is the middle of the week already. You really do have to catch up on all that work you have been ignoring so far. Before you do though you really should check out this week's list. I know that was a pretty horrible lead in, but I am slightly tired. This week I thought about games that are not bad but are overrated. Now let's get this straight just because a game is overrated doesn't mean I think it is bad, it actually just means it is overrated. So here are my top 5 overrated games.

5. League of Legends

Now I don't by any means think this is a bad game. I think this really is a well balanced and put together MOBA. That being said I feel because this game is free to play and sprung its popularity to extremely high levels. So many play it so many talk about it and it just goes on and on. That along with the fact that the skil lcap for it isn't nearly as high as many who play think it is leads me to this conclusion

4. Grand Theft Auto V

Is this game a good game? Yes. But is the story dull and boring and the games popularity is only because basically you can get away with anything in multiplayer? Yes. Let's face it people think this game is awesome because of the random shit they are doing to others. That doesn't make it ever game of the year material and really just makes it get only very quickly to people who enjoy well put together games.

3. Halo(All of them)

Like most XBOX only games they are hyped and hyped to no end, because something is thrown at you over and over again doesn't mean it is a good thing. Especially when changes between games are minimal and the story takes the obvious and makes it seem impossible.

2. Angry Birds

This games just bothers me. It is a copy of so many other games before it, and really because of its takeoff on mobile it seems to have this following of mass crazy people who make Harry Potter fans look like normal. 

1. Call of Duty(All of them)

Same thing over and overt again with minor changes marketing to children who should even be allowed to play the game because of the rating in the first place. Just seeing these games on the shelf angers me.

There you have it. Agree or Disagree you know where to do it.

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  1. I love Lol but I do have to agree with you. The best players are certainly good but the skill to play the game even at a higher level is not what it is made out to be