Thursday, July 10, 2014

Single Player Day

So this is the week when it starts. What starts you may ask? Well the kids and teenagers are out of school and what do they have more time to do? Well play in your multiplayer games. They are not going to bed and such and such a time now they are up later and infesting your games. The know nothing about meta and they generally pull down the quality of games you play.

Now some of you are saying this isn't true or I am full of crap. Think about it for a second. Think how many CoD type players have infested your games. Think of how many people refuse to listen becasue they believe they know what is best and everyone should listen to them. Not to mention the sudden influx of "Your Mom" into the spoken language. Now the wheels are starting to turn and you are nodding your head. I feel your pain trust me.

Now this just isn't with them infesting your team it is also with your competition. All of the sudden everyone has something to say after they lose. How could they have lost it cannot be because they lacked to skill to basically comprehend the simple mechanics of the game. It to be OMFG HACKS REPORT REPORT!!!!!!!! It is like every game when I play against or with randoms has turn into a game of League of Legends.

Now we can look on it that this is a younger crowd that needs to get it out of their system. You could look it as a bunch of entitled tools who fail to have knowledge of a particular game and its mechanics because they only started playing it because their mommy bought it and such and such a friend from down the street has been playing it forever. I have learned to accept it and sure I may think otherwise and log in and play a game then it will hit me again. So then I realize this is the perfect time of year to just play with friends or enjoy some single player games in peace and quiet.

Have a happy single player day!

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