Thursday, July 17, 2014


So here I was thinking the other day while I was watching a Blacksmith video on youtube. Speaking of that if you don't watch Man At Arms you should! Anyways, this does have a point. You see they started forging two completely different weapons together. You know from different franchises. So this got me thinking why do we not see this very often in the gaming industry. Sure you have the obvious Mario and Sonic and Marvel vs Capcom games, but really there isn't many of it.

Now I am sure some of you are saying this is because so many people would feel it would be cheesy and would ruin the particular franchises as a whole. So what would I say to that? Well Kingdom Hearts. Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters together. Some would think that would turn not only into a game witch was dull and boring but something which would make absolutely no sense what so ever.

I am sure that is the way it sounded when it was first brought up. Now? Well Kingdom Hearts was not only a great game but the games 1 and 2 are being remastered and the 3rd game is being made as we speak. This really should be a sign for other companies to try the same thing.

Now I could think of combinations I think would be fun and some which would be crazy, but I want to be surprised when something like this comes out. I want it to make me shake my head and ask the person next to me if they saw what  I did like when I first heard about Kingdom Hearts. So really to me I want it to be something I am excited for something that you will wonder how it could even work, and then I want it to be a game that I cannot stop playing.


  1. What do you call Heroes of the Storm?

  2. Un-obtainable. howa bout assassins creed/tomb raider that uses the battle of Actium to discover atlantis only to find that the atlanteians were where the last of the precursors had settled and they had a library and huge city at the bottom of Calypso Deep in an undersea cave under the Ionian sea. -Khul

    1. Now that would be pretty cool. Picturing Laura with some Assassin training is pretty interesting as well