Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Can't Build There, Something Is In The Way

So here we are and today I thought I would come up with a post which will probably not only cause people to going insane with rage, but one I feel I may have been avoid because I am not really in the mood to read email upon email of people being a bunch of tools. What you may ask is this about then? Well this is about gaming and about skill. Now this is about at top level play, of course, in the games I will be listing anyone can come in and "play". Also I am going to focus on current games as to not have to deal with the ideas of older games requiring more skill or were they just more difficult. That is another point I want to make. In my mind difficulty is not the same as skill. Something can be hard, but that doesn't mean it is skillful. As an example a lot of RPGs are difficult in the sense you need to know certain things about environments or elements, but in my mind knowing those things doesn't make you skillful as a gamer it makes you knowledgeable ,which is something completely different. So here we go!

5. Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Fighting games in general require players to be able to visually see and anticipate what their opponent is going to do. This in addition to being able to execute combinations of buttons and speeds which casual gamers find near impossible. The Tekken series in my mind in consider quite skillful because the combinations are done at a much faster speed then any other fighting game because you really are just punching and kicking each other endlessly and nothing really fancy.

4. League of Legends

Now some would say I give MOBAs a lot of shit for not being skillful. This is not true I give them crap because the players believe because they can play the game they are the best gamers in the world. Now LoL liek all MOBAs requires you to have knowledge of your opponent and what they are capable of and adapt to it. Not every game is the same. The problem is the map actually is.

3. DotA2

For all the same reasons that LoL made this list DotA2 does. Why did it rank higher on my list? Well it just comes down to more choice, more adaptations and more anticipation and adaptation. That really is the only reason.

2. Soul Calibur V

In my mind the most difficult and skillful fighting series around. SCV in my mind wasn't the most skillful but like I said was going current. What makes this different? Surroundings are much more important and the game is much more balanced on a character to character basis. Everyone is not quick and everyone doesn't have the same strength. You need to not only understand how much damage you can do, but in addition how much you are able to withstand and in my mind makes it much more of a skill orientated fight.

1. Starcraft II

In my mind RTS is the most difficult genre there is and SC2 is the only RTS of note. You are not only anticipating how one character is going to reacted but an entire army, while maintaining your own army. This is not just a mico orientated game but a macro one as well which makes this miles ahead of the competition in every aspect of skill.

There it is. I am ready have at it with your thoughts.


  1. I have always thought skill went in the order of RTS, Fighting, MOBA, FPS, RPG so this list makes sense to me. Although I am sure some high and mighty Lol fans will have something to say

  2. Not really sure how currently anyone could argue against SC2, but they will try I have no doubt

  3. Gauss and readers probably gonna shoot me but Mk deadly alliance was amazing at everything described about scv only not different power and toughness instead there was different 3 different forms of fighting styles per character requiring you to master each individual differently, some were easy to learn insane to master. To anyone that disagrees with me go do frosts frostbitten move no mistakes in the middle of a fight. We lost 2 controllers a chair and several drinks were knocked over in the furtive swirl of excitement and anger when I pulled it off at the end of a campus tournament.-khul

  4. MK is more difficult to learn and play, but I think Gauss is right in that the most skilled players are playing SCV just for timing purposes. Guard impacts and Just Guards are things the casual player will never be able to do because of it. I though would definitely rank MK above the MOBAs though