Tuesday, July 1, 2014

You Fail If You Don't Celebrate Canada Day

So yes it is Tuesday and it is Fail Day, but today is also Canada Day and it would be a Fail on my part if I didn't recognize that. So here I am.

You know I couldn't be more proud of being Canadian. You really can ask anyone I know Canadian or not and they would say I am "quite" pro Canada. I appreciate everything my country has allowed me to be. I don't have to live in fear like so many of the games I play and I actually have the opportunity to sit around and enjoy playing the games I do. I can play who with whomever I want when I want and that is completely ok.

I am also not oblivious to the fact there are many other great countries in the world. Now obviously they are not as great as mine, but I would never look down upon them. As a Canadian I would do what we are best at. I would look at them and say i'm sorry you are not Canadian.

So find yourself a Canadian today and wish them a happy Canada Day. Don't be the victim on Fail Day this week, be the one who Celebrates!

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