Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Shot The Hell Out Of That Guy, Huh

Wednesday is here right in the middle of the week as it always is, and what does that mean? Well it measn I am going to make a list out of something pretty random gaming wise. In making this list I will anger people for not including things they thought should be on the list or things they believed shouldn't have touched the list with a 10 foot pole. So what is the list about this week? Well NPCs, but not the shitty ones the ones we know and love.

There are a few reasons why we love NPCs, they are functional, they help advance the story and advance the story and basically the reason the one of the reason we hate them to death when they just don't help. The other reason we love NPCs is they are the only sign of hope and sanity less you forget everything is trying to kill you, just like in real life. Also we often have to protect them and are a major part of the game. So here you have it my top 5 NPCs

5. Wheatly - Portal 2

The portal series in generally completely changed the way we looked at NPCs. This really is part of the reason the games were so well received and loved. I actually enjoyed the fact you could listen to everything he said advice wise, or you could completely ignore him. That and hewas never short to crack a joke and mkae the game more interesting.

4. Chop Chop Master Onion - Pappa the Rappa

The king of the older style of NPC. The one who was there cheering you on and helping you towards victory. You had to listen to everything he said and he was the one who made you better. He let you know if you were struggling and let you know if you were amazing. The ultimate cheerleader!

3. O'aka - Final Fantasy X

So who was the guy who would always showed up when you wanted him to. All he wanted to do was run a successful shop. You actually wanted to donate to the guy to help fund his shop and this was even before you knew you had to in order to actualyl get him to sell you things. His shop would grow the more the game went on and you were happy for the guy. When I recently replayed FFX I knew I smiled when he said "Welcome to O'aka's!"

2. Clementine - The Walking Dead

One of the first NPCs that actually made me care for them. She had this way with her facial expressions to just really let know now what was up. Also she was part of one of the most heartfelt scenes in all of gaming history the death of Lee. 

1. Ellie - The Last of Us

Some people might not even consider Ellie an NPC as there is one point in the game you get to play her. For every other point in the game though she is there cheering, swearing, and making you give a crap about how things will turn out. She really is what you want all NPCs to be.

There you have it this week's list all ready for the cheers and the complaints. Let me know which side you are on!


  1. Not sure Ellie counts as an NPC but Clem in the first season is actually my favourite and the reason I was so excited to play season 2

  2. No Kormac? But Kormac????