Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes that wonderful day of the week which is both happy and sad. Happy in the sense it is still the weekend and you can enjoy your time, but then sad because the weekend is almost over. So as we are mulling over what remains of our weekend how about we sit back and answer some questions so you can read the responses.

Do you think enough people will purchase the Naxx wings in order for the meta to evolve at all levels of play?

The first wing is free and then from then on 700g is not a lot and the payment option truthfully isn't that expensive at all. You can even buy all the wings in advance for $20. People will play the wings people will beat the wings and the cards even though only 30 of them in total will have a drastic effect on how the game will be played. Now that doesn't mean everyone will get every single card the first day the wing is out or that these changes are going to happen instantly, but it would be crazy to think they won't have any effect at all.

Do you think it is unfair you will only be able to ride the Azeroth Chopper on a Horde character?

It makes sense it is a Horde bike. I understand why people are upset though as some might have voted differently if they knew this was going to be the case. To me though that is the very reason they didn't say anything. They wanted everyone to vote for the bike they believed was the best and would like to see in game and not vote for the bike they would ride in game. There is a big difference in that. I am actually pump it is going to be a free mount as I was expecting it to be a Store mount or a mount that had more to it then just logging in.

Are you paying attention to ComicCon?

Is this a trick question?

There you have it! Questions answered for the week, thanks to everyone who sent something in if I answered it on here or not. Try to enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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  1. I think the meta is already changing> it might just be me but priests seem a lot more active since the change on ladder