Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes the weekend is almost over sorry to break the news to you. Hopefully you at least enjoyed some of it. Maybe a little bit too much this morning and you are begging for some coffee and enough water to fill a pool. Regardless it is Sunday and it means it is about time I get to answering some questions.

Are you happy with what has happened with SE3?

Happy? Never. There are tons of people who purchased the game and have been looking forward to it. They have obviously shipped out the game before it was ready and instead of pushing back the release date they had a day 1 massive patch to try and fix everything. This isn't a server issue where people couldn't log on. This isn't a minor bug or an exploit people are taking advantage of. These are core game files that were not part of the game at release. It is not only wrong but disgusting something like this has happened.

Have any thoughts with the segregation going on in the Hearthstone tournaments? 

Having the division on male and female tournaments doesn't make sense to me. It doesn't make sense in this situation is it may for other things. I can understand a females only tournament was put into place to draw more female gamers in to make it feel as if they are more accepted. I understand it, but I feel it should be marketed not just to females but the entire audience who may not understand what competitive gaming actually is. If we want the E-Sports scene to become more mainstream then we cannot have a division like this. My thinking is you want to draw everyone in not push people into different areas.

Get into Heroes Alpha yet?

As of writing this sadly no. Still hoping though.

There you have it questions answered for the week. Thanks go out to everyone who sent in a question if I answered it here or not. Enjoy the rest of your weekend for Mondays are dark and full of terrors.

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  1. Bad luck on the ALPHA here is hoping you get in soon