Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You Know What They Say About The Leading Man

Wednesday time to be smack dab in the middle of the week. I really cannot believe I actually typed that, but I am going to leave it there as proof that I actually did. So here I am sitting around making a list out of this I can actually make a list out of. I know that is rather weird isn't it. I have realized that so far I have made quite a few lists. I have also realized that people suggesting what I should make lists out of should go back and look that I have already made the list you are suggesting I make a list about. After all these list thoughts I decided that I would do the list at may favourite almost death moments because really these are the moments you remember as OMG THEY CAN'T DIE, and really they can't so here we go.

5. Jody and Ryan In the Cold - Beyond Two Souls

This scene is one of my favourites from the game. The game itself is filled with so many moments which make you` think and contemplate and then there is this one when you are both dying being wet and freezing to death. If you have played the game you know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven't you really should.

4. Ezio Goes Home- Assassin's Creed Revelations

This is the opening sequence to the game and you are left watching it thinking are you serious they are going to kill Ezio right at the start this sucks. Then of course he does Ezio things and gets himself out of it. But doesn't mean one of the most favourite characters ever was pretty damn close to death.

3. Balthier Just Being Awesome- Final Fantasy XII

Balthier is by far and away the most interesting character in the game. In a game where there really isn't a true main character he is the one who trys to assume the role of being it. This is the moment where he does what every main character does in any game. Sacrifices himself and you assume he dies when in the ending it is reveal he is just as awesome as he ever was.

2. You Know Nothing About Snow - Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns is filled with amazing cinematics which just make you appreciated what has been going on since the first game. This moment was not only sad, but bordered on tragic. Snow has been a fan favourite in the trilogy and they couldn't actually kill them could they? Of course when he wasn't dead couldn't miss the epic lines he through out afterwords.

1. Joel's Trip To University - The Last of Us

So here we are leaving the university in what seems almost like a waste. Then there is a bunch of hunters going crazy all over the place and you think you have finally made it out. When then someone comes out of no where knocks Joel off a ledge and then he is impale through the gut with a steel spike. I don't think anyone who has played the game at this moment didn't have their jaw drop. He does survive but not without an entire chapter of the game dedicated to his recovery.

And there are my favourites. What do you think? Have better choices? Just let me know as always.

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  1. I think the scene where you mess up and Jody drowns and ryan is standing over her is much more dramatic then the one you chose