Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You Fail At Summer Gaming If...

Fail Day! Now this time of year although not Summer everyone is the summer gaming season. Now maybe you had no idea that gaming during the summer is much different. Then I actually question what you are actually up to. So that really should lead right into this.

You Fail At Summer Gaming If...

  • Your thoughts on Summer gaming is moving your TV outside
  • You have never realized there is no big name game released during the summer months
  • You don't know why people go crazy for the steam sale
  • You are not playing games you have ignored in your collection the rest of the year
  • You haven not realized why it is called achievement season
  • You thought this post was about playing a game about the summer Olympics
  • You have nothing to play
  • You are just realizing how much heat a computer can generate
  • You are wondering why you are the only one not playing less
  • You are not taking advantage of all the E-Sports events
  • You don't find yourself playing old school games
  • You find yourself mindless looking at your collection coming up with reasons why you cant play any of them

and finally

  • You had no idea there was a difference because you spend all your time playing the same MMO
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. As always hoped you enjoyed it, and maybe go outside and enjoy the weather a little bit.

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  1. That picture is awesome! You are right though MMO gamers are in their own little bubble