Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gauss' Naxxramas Adventure

So here we are a couple days after Curse of Naxxramas has gone live. Well really only the Arachnid Quarter but still it is live. Now I must say I have enjoyed doing something different in Hearthstone for a change. I have mostly have just playing ranked to get my card backs for the season then enjoying some arena. This was mostly for the reasons when I ranked myself up the cards have been out for so much time everyone is basically playing the same decks and you kind of know how each game is going to play out.

Now I can't really comment so far how the 6 new cards added this week will make a difference in rank played because truthfully I haven't had much of an opportunity to play ranked mode as of yet at a higher level to see. I can tell you though about the adventure so far.

So the boss on Normal Mode were not that hard at all really was slightly disappointed at how easy they really were. I just used a board clearing shaman deck for all 3 and basically one with pretty much no effort. Now that is a deck that I have refined over quite some play so that really could be a reason.

The class challenges were more interesting because your deck is pretty random and the first draw I got with the rogue deck was pretty awful. Not knowing what cards were in your deck made it fun because I wasn't sure at all what I could draw or to expect. I expect some of the players that are used to playing specific ways with specific classes will find this bothersome, but I actually enjoyed it.

Now the bosses on Heroic mode were significantly more complicated then the normal versions were not overly complicated if you played to the Hero power of each boss. Grand Widow is probably where most people will have trouble, but using an aggro deck makes her hero power pretty useless. I tried with my shaman deck again first and got owned because I was just holding too many cards. I then switched to a Warlock Murloc deck and laughed my way to victory on turn 4.

Overall it was quite fun and this quarter was free because of the launch of it. I would say after playing it the prices for the following quarters are pretty much in line where they should be. Happy playing everyone!

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  1. Actually having a lot of trouble with Grand widow any suggestions?