Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You Fail At Releasing A Game If...

Fail Day! Yes you didn't miss out it is here and am I ready to go. You see last week were were graced with the release of Sniper Elite 3, and with it came with what some would call not the greatest possible release a game could have. So I decided to use this to get out there how they have along with many other companies have failed with releasing their games.

You Fail At Releasing A Game If...

  • You have a day one patch which replaces over 70% of the game data
  • You had to explain what error 37 meant
  • Bugs which were in the game on release day still exist over a year later
  • The name of the game is misspelled on the disc
  • Uplay was down for maintenance the day of the games release
  • You have day one DLCs which were actually included on the game
  • You blame players in not being able to use the controls correctly instead of admitting bad design.
  • You have an entire player base load into Hellfire Peninsula simultaneously
  • You released the previous years version of the game with just updated rosters and hoped no one would notice
  • You didn't include the ending in your game you made that a DLC component
  • You released a game for PC with no keyboard support
  • You did not test your servers before releasing an Online only game.

and finally

  • You scrapped the game and never released it

There it is this week's edition of fail. Hope you all got a kick out of it. Also thank you to everyone who keeps sending in ideas upon ideas for Fail Day. I am sure I will never run out!

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  1. Oh I remember the BC Launch was great times lol