Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diablo III Collector's Edition Pet

Well it was announced. What is really interesting is they have announced what the Diablo III collector's edition pet it, but they still haven't told us what the release date for Diablo III is. That in itself though is a topic for another day. So you all should know because you play WoW that every collector's edition Blizzard has sold for their games since WoW has been released has came with a bonus pet you can enjoy in Azeroth. You cannot enjoy pets in Outland because you are always scared for their survival since it is a massive flying meteor.

So with all of that in mind here is the "cute" little companion coming with the Diablo III collector's edit

So maybe cute wasn't the right choice of word, but regardless it is unique and something which screams Diablo. This may be my favourite collector's edition pet, but with frosty as a close second. What do you all think? Is it too much? Do you hate the collector's edition pets?


  1. That's awesome I love the III effect

  2. Looks awesome. Now i want the game to come out!