Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You Fail At Understanding The Cataclysm Ending Cinematic If...

Fail Day it is, and I promise today it won't be a rant. Have some real fails to take care of today that cannot go unnoticed. I want to say though there will be SPOILERS in this post if you have not seen the ending cinematic. So do not read it if you don't want to this to somewhat spoil it. Time to get to it.

You Fail At Understanding The Cataclysm Ending Cinematic If...
  • You had no idea who the Dragon Aspects are
  • You some how think when Thrall says "the Cataclysm is over" you lose the ability to do the Dragon Soul raid again.
  • You think by power being expended means they are going to drop dead
  • You believe they have no power at all
  • You think they will now be stuck in human form
  • You believe this some how makes it impossible for Nozdormu to become Murozond
  • You think Alexstrasza impregnated Aggra for some crazy Christan reference
  • You believe thrall is smiling because he is thinking "ya I tapped that"
  • Your first feeling after seeing it is Kalecgos got screwed
  • You believe they went with this idea because there was no one to be the Aspect of Earth
  • You think this means anything that we kill now will not be as epic because we have no Dragon Aspects
  • You some how believe this means that Old Gods cannot be killed because to kill their greatest minion needed 4 aspects that are now powerless
  • You are making jokes that the age of mortals should be renamed age of pandas
  • You think Nozdormu is bleeding to death when the sands are pouring out of him
and finally
  • You think this was all caused because the Aspects took an arrow to the knee
Really only think there is one possible quote this week

"I can feel the elements awakening...rejoicing.. the Cataclysm is over"

There you have it. This week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it. Good luck on this reset also the first week that Deathwing will be Available in LFR let the failures begin.


  1. Gauss wins the internet with the arrow to the knee comment LOL

  2. I laughed hard at the arrow to the knee point. xD