Monday, December 19, 2011

Oxhorn's Christmas Tree

Monday morning and it is offically less than a week till Christmas. So really how can you not be all fired up? If you are not though I am sure Machinima Monday will. When thinking about what machinima I would showcase today there wasn't much of a choice. Oxhorn has created many great videos of the years but this Christmas special is one of my absolute favourites. If you haven't seen it you are in for something that will make you laugh and that I am sure you will share with many others. So sit back and enjoy

Hope you all enjoyed it. Good luck this reset the last before Christmas


  1. I love this special! Makes me laugh everytime

  2. Finally took down the Christmas decorations today when I realized that I never checked for a new Oxhorn Christmas movie. I know this isn't a new movie but I managed to not see it before today. Funny thing is, it put me right back into the Christmas spirit. Thanks for posting it and a belated Merry Christmas to you!