Monday, December 12, 2011

Greatfather Winter

It is Monday and it is that time of year. The feast of Winter Veil doesn't officially start till Thursday, but to me it has already started. Many of you know I am a big fan of Cranius and his song Greatfather Winter has become a Christmas Classic for me just as was intention when he wrote it. So every year I get excited and every Christmas playlist I have includes this song. Of course their also is a great video to go along with it, but here it is Greatfather Winter. I will also include the lyrics so you can feel free to sing along.

Listen children young and old
Gather 'round and you'll be told
It's tradition every year
Winter Veil is drawing near
Listen up today's the day
Father Winter's on his way
Bringing with him treats and toys
Giving them to girls and boys

Greatfather Winter won't you bring
Something for my stocking
Something shiny something bright
Some goggles I can use at night
Greatfather Winter don't be late
For that day we just can't wait
So bring us lots of treats and toys
And fill our Winter Veil with joy

See the presents at the tree
A blunderbuss for you and me
Don't you cry and don't you pout
Don't you shoot your eyeballs out
Sip the eggnog try some cake
Find the Greench for goodness sake
Fly a reindeer 'cross the sky
Don't fall off or you might die

Greatfather Winter won't you bring
A Turbo-Charged Flying Machine
Some rocket boots that make me fly
And I just want a motorbike
Greatfather Winter won't you please
We're begging you down on our knees
So bring explosives and a gun
And then we'll surely have some fun

So grab your girlfriend just like so
And kiss her at the mistletoe
If you want some epic loot
Pick her up a winter suit
Buy a pint of Winter Ale
Drink too much and you will fail
Turn yourself into a Gnome
Send a stolen reindeer home

Greatfather Winter won't you bring
A Clockwork Rocket Bot for me
Something violent, something loud
Something to disperse a crowd
Greatfather Winter can't you see
We're excited as can be
So bring us lots of treats and toys
And fill our Winter Veil with joy

Now that you are in the spirit. Good luck this reset!


  1. I love this one! By far the greatest holiday Machinima

  2. Cranius is just awesome

  3. Catchy tune.. Maybe too catchy XD