Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LFR Is Now Somewhat More Idiot Proof

If you had not heard many of the items in the Dragon Soul raid have now been reclassified for LFR purposes. The issue was that many players were unsure if an item was either and upgrade or if it was supposed to be used by them at all. And with how fast LFR moves it became an issue. This is the Blue Post on the matter.

As a part of the on-going evaluation of Looking For Raid and the loot system, we have recently implemented a change to the Looking For Raid Need Plus system. Weapons, trinkets, rings, neck pieces, shields, offhand items, and the Robe of Glowing Stone are now class-restricted to their intended users. With the speed at which a Raid Finder group moves through a zone, we’ve found that it makes it challenging for players to evaluate loot decisions – by class restricting these items, we hope that the natural behavior will have a more positive set of results for everyone involved. This change will not apply to normal or heroic raid or dungeon loot rules.

Raid Finder and Need Plus are both very new systems, and we’re working to iterate on these systems rapidly to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience as we learn more about how players are using the system. Please keep in mind that this system is not considered complete and we have further plans to improve upon it within Mists of Pandaria.

If you looted an item from Looking for Raid which replaced another and you need Game Master assistance to recover your old item, please place a petition with the new item name, that you can no longer use it - and the old item name you need restored. For more information on the affected items, please visit the Customer Support forums here-

We apologize for the inconvenience.

So what does this mean? Well if you look at the list of items that are now classified by class I think you would be quite surprised that these items were ever in question. Seeing something like this always makes me think about the people rolling on such items. Now I understand that LFR is supposed to be at its core a way to get the now raider interested in raiding, and I agree this is a great way to do it. But there is a big BUT if you have absolutely no idea what kind of gear your class uses should you be raiding at all? If you don't know what stats are good with you, how will you understand basic concepts of DPS, stopping DPS, moving in and out of crap, stacking up, spreading out, and so on and so forth. Now you would think that a raid is the only place these people can learn such a thing, but I would say instances are the best place to learn these basics. I am of the opinion players like this would make the people who are first trying out raiding dislike it because it will not give them the experience Blizzard hopes for.

You expect there to be morons, idiots, and such and such in Heroics, and yes LFR is not going to be perfect, but Blizzard if they want to expand their raiding base of players have to do everything they can to deter players who will ruin the experience from new raiders from partaking.

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  1. I never thought of it from that way, but it does make sense. I thought when i saw the list that it seemed rather obvious.