Friday, December 30, 2011

Noobs Of The Year 2011

Well it Friday, but not just any Friday it is the last Friday of the year. Oh yes that is right. Normally on Friday's it is the Reader Post and today is no different except that the topic this week is the Noobs of the Year. Something which has been done every year. Where you write in and tell me who they should be. So this is really a sit back and laugh moment if there ever was one.

5)Blizzard: Now when I read everything that people where complaining about in this one it actually made sense. They wanted to vote Blizzard for Noob of the Year because they believed they were making the game easier so they actually had a chance at them completing there content. In all the Blizzard votes though there was a special mention of Ghostcrawler. So if this was an award show he would come up and get the stupid looking statue.

4)All the people who bought Guardian cubs to make gold: I was actually surprised when so many sent in about this. Sure the market crashed and your money to gold conversion isn't even close to what it should be. But there are everyday people who waste money on lottery tickets and no one looks poorly at them. Hell the governments love them for participating in a voluntary tax system. But power to the people you all get #4 this year

3)Wally the Mage: Everyone loves Wally because everyone knows a friend who is like Wally. I guy who is so stuck in his ways that he will never give in even when he realizes how completely awful a player he is. It doesn't matter if he has enough hit for a level 90 boss. He doesn't believe he has too much hit so it is just the right amount. Your DPS meter must be wrong because there is no way I should be at the bottom. I have had the pleasure of group with this player on 3 occasions. Yes I know the world hates me, but that is just me. I have had countless emails and tells informing me of being graced by the person who will forever be known as Wally the Mage.

2)Tom Brady: No not the football player, well who knows it could be. This is a player who is the definition of a player you never want to have in your LFD or LFR group. This is the player that everyone is talking about who will ruin the system. I did one blog on how running with this player in Deadmines was more painful then getting my arms and legs sawed off with a steak knife, and you all have never forgotten.

1)Bagellord: He is the Icon of Noobs. There is no one to compared and for the 3rd year in a row Bagellord has been voted the Noob of the Year. He may not even play anymore or may even play a different toon, but that doesn't mean that what he stands for will ever be forgotten. Bagellord has more than any other noob in history sparked things in his honor. Special Kind of Stupid is a phrase coming from him just being around, every time you dive in water you remember that he couldn't, he has blogs devoted to his life, guilds named after his stupidity, and of course everyone has a deathknight they haven't leveled up without realizing is a tribute to the one only known as Bagellord.

So there they are. The noobs of the year chosen by you. I cannot say I was surprised and who was going to win, but could the Gauss Nation actually exist without that of Bagellord? I am pretty sure the answer to that question is no. This is the last post of the year so be safe and have a Happy New Year.


  1. That a boy! Great Job Bagellord! Oh wait... should he be given congrats??

  2. No one can top Bagellord's Noobness