Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You Fail At Christmas If...

It is Tuesday and you know what that means, Fail Day everyone's favourite day of the week. Isn't it wonderful that we can sit back and enjoy everyone elses failures, isn't the world great! This week since this is the last Fail Day before Christmas I decided to do a Fail Day special just for that. So just like always sit back and enjoy!

You Fail At Christmas If...
  • You think it is called Winter's Veil in WoW has nothing to do with Political Correctness
  • You break out into song with "You're a mean one Mister Greench"
  • You try to wrap snowballs and mail them to your guildmates
  • You don't change your mount into a Reindeer
  • You have no clue who Metzen the Reindeer is the namesake for
  • You don't buy stakcs upon stacks of snowballs and save them for random points throughout the year
  • You complain about the quests being the same every year, but you have no problems putting up the same decorations every year in your house
  • You don't have the mp3 of Greatfather Winter
  • Oxhorn's Christmas Tree special is not part of your holiday special list to watch every year
  • Winter's Veil sneaks up on you like the ending of White Christmas
  • You learned the cooking skill just so every year you can make gingerbread cookies
  • You upped your Ogri'la rep just to get the achievement needed for the meta
  • You like fruit cake in WoW and outside
and finally
  • You wish people Happy Holidays
And there you have it, this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it.

'Twas the feast of Great-Winter
And all through the land
All the races were running
With snowballs in hand.

The cooks were all frantic
And for those "in the know"
Swoops and owls were crashing
Like new-fallen snow.

Cookies and eggnog
Were consumed by all
As the snowballs flew freely
And drunks smashed into walls.

May your feast of Great-Winter
Be one merry and bright
And from all here at Blizzard
We wish you a fun night!

Good luck this reset. As the race to world first is over, but then you probably already knew that.

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  1. Lol great stuff. Can always count on you for a Tuesday morning laugh