Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You Fail At Complaining Someone Killed A Boss Before You If...

Well it is Tuesday and that can only mean one thing. It is Fail Day and it is time fore a laugh. Everyone's favourite day of the week where we feel a little guilty about laughing and poking fun at random people, but that doesn't stop us from laughing or pointing out who these people are. Oh the joy of it all. This week's Fail Day has a jealousy component to it. So sit back and enjoy because it is about to start.

You Fail At Complaining Someone Killed A Boss Before You If...
  • You have never killed a current tier boss
  • All your raiding has been done in LFR
  • You used an excuse of being banned
  • You go on and on about how they had more lockouts on past content
  • You always point out how many legendary staffs are in their screen shots
  • You start a rumor that they exploited
  • You inform everyone that the GM in their screenshot must have helped them with the kill
  • You start a conspiracy that a Korean guild had to be World First so that Blizzard could help get the Real Money Auction House approved there
  • You say no one cares about anyone but Paragon
  • You point out everyones ranking in Firelands that has killed more bosses then Paragon in Dragon Soul
  • You went on and on about how the LFR exploiters needed to be punished then complained when they did because they didn't get their World First Kill
and finally
  • You said it doesn't count because they are not from Europe
There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it. As always here is a quote I thought fit well.

"A worthy effort... but futile."

Good luck on your new reset the last of this year.


  1. Ooooh, how 'bout "It doesn't count cause it was over the holidays/summer?" Heard that one for both Firelands and now Dragon Soul.