Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Fail At Transmogrification If...

Fail Day that is what day it is. You all know the day of the week where it is time to feel better about yourself because you haven't failed horribly at something. Or it could be the day where it is time for you to feel horrible because you are the person being poked fun at. Oh the hilarity of it all. This week's edition of Fail Day I decided to go with something new, because new things are the things that everyone messes up with.

You Fail At Transmogrification If...
  • You Transmog the piece you are wearing to the piece you are wearing
  • You are the one complaining about Heirlooms
  • You think the costs are too steep
  • You think it is stupid how you are not allowed to dual wield fish
  • You really wish Karma wasn't such a bitch for all those times you laughed at the packrats
  • You are farming "The Shoveler" because it is the greatest mace in the game
  • You spend all your gold on actually transmoging the gear and deciding you don't like it instead of just using the dressing room
  • You realize the months you spent farming that twill set was all for nothing
  • You think people won't notice your colour blindness
  • You think anything but the Bulwark of Azzinoth is the greatest shield in the game
  • You are farming mobs someone told you a version of Garrosh's shoulder pads dropped off of
  • You vendored all your gear in your bank before the patch came out because you had it with keeping it for this long and getting nothing for it
  • When you ask "where is the transmog guy?" and someone says the ethereal you haven't a clue what he is talking about
and finally
  • You're a Deathknight
There you have it this week`s edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed. Finding a quote was easy this week had to go with everyone`s favourite Ethereal.

"I have such fascinating things to show you."

Good luck this reset newly nerfed spine of Deathwing on heroic.


  1. Lol i feel awful laughing at colour blind people but it was funny

  2. Dual wielding fish are cool! Like Fezzes!