Monday, September 2, 2013

A Warm Memory

Happy Labour Day! If not then Happy Monday! Either or works sure would be better if you were having a long weekend like me, but if not let me quote a marauder and say "SUCKS TO BE YOU!". Yes that joke was lame but who cares really? Even if it is a long weekend though it is Monday which means it is Machinima Monday! What do we do on Machinima Monday? Well I showcase a machinima or animation which I think all of you would be interested in. I always get comments about why is it pretty much just WoW machinima? Well that is mostly because most of the ones I believe are well done and all of you would be interested in would be WoW realted. There are others though and today we have one. It is "A Warm Memory" done by a pretty well known WoW machinimator Erunno. I have featured some before so if you check out his channel you may recognized some of those you see. Anyways, this Machinima is Skyrim based and I know there are a lot of you Skyrim fans out there. If you aren't well this is an excellently prepared machinima which I know you will enjoy. So here it is.

Hope you enjoyed it. Now try to enjoy your Monday.


  1. Wow that was awesome. So sharing this

  2. It's not a Bugs life but still pretty good. Well Done