Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It Has Begun

Middle of the week, and once again it is time to spark conversation and to get up all in people's faces. This week's list is all opening the opening. Not just the first couple minutes, but the time before you even have to pick up the controller, mouse, or whatever else. That time when you first pickup the game and press new game. Some games to the job that have you paying so much attention and are getting pumped up like crazy to play the game. Some games may not have even been liked , but have the most amazing opening sequences. None of the games I picked are like that, but you know them and they do exist. So here they come my best 5 openings.

5. Starcraft II Wings Of Liberty

Starcraft II took forever to actually be a thing so maybe I was so pumped to play this game without even watching the opening. Even still There is mystery and intrigue in the way it starts. Who is this man and why is Mengsk talking to him? What is going on here? Also gives those who are unaware of the whole criminals are marines thing. Also it is a Blizzard CG which we all know are always top notch.

4. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

So not many games start in this way. Drake is bleeding like crazy has time to crack a joke about it then you realize you are on a train which is falling off a cliff. This is all in the first minute of the game. How could not want to play more to find out what the hell happened?

3. Diablo III Reaper Of Souls

This game isn't even out yet, but Blizzard did realease the opening cinematic. I have said it before and I will say it again. WOW! I so want to play this game. Not only the CG itself but the music is masterfully placed at each moment. You are litterly at the edge of your seat watching this. Beyond intense.

2. Assassin's Creed Revelations

First of all we have an Ezio voice over of a letter he was writing to his sister about a trip he was about to make. We are seeing this trip unfold to epic fashion. Ezio being Ezio. This to me is not only one of the best opening sequences of a game but one of the very best clips in a game in general. It gives you everything you could ever want. Leaves you at the edge of your seat and gets you pumped up to play.

1. Final Fantasy VIII 

In my mind Final Fantasy VIII might not even make it in my top 5 FF games. That takes nothing away from this opening sequence. There have been many of my friends completely against playing any Final Fantasy game then see this opening and follow it up with I have to play this game. It gives you a taste of everything the story entails without giving you enough to know exactly what will follow. This in my mind is what makes it the perfect opening. It has those edge of your seat moments along with the teasers. The opening upon which all others are measured to me.

There you have it this week's list. Tell me what you think. What openings do or have you enjoyed?


  1. I truly love the Revelations opening, but I do see your point in the ff8 opening sequence. Overall good selection in my opinion

  2. No The Last Of Us? Thougth that opening was pretty awesome. I always enjoyed the UC3 opening more so because it was much for subtle then holy shit I am going to die as 2 was

  3. I would have to agree the FF8 opening although one of my least favorite final fantasy games was just amazing. Also remember that was a ps1 game and the graphics were something special.

  4. I just hope D3 RoS is everything D3 should have been

  5. Anyone else read the title of this post in Deckard Cains voice? lol..

  6. Pretty sure I want the man who was the voice actor for Ezio to be the narrator of my life. Pretty sure he could make eating a bagel the most epic thing in the world