Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Middle of the week is upon us once again and hopefully your week is on the good side of good. I know that line didn't make sense but it did when I was thinking it. As has become the norm here on Wednesday's is the making of lists, and this week will be no different. I was thinking about what to make this week's about and I realized something. Watching games has become just as popular as playing them it seems. So when putting together this week's list I had a lightbulb moment. Why not make a list of the best games to actually sit back and watch, to spectate and here it is.

5. LA Noire

For those who don't know LA Noire maybe one of those games that may even be more fun to watch then actually play. It is a crime investigation where you are the one questioning and reading the suspects. You have to do everything a detective would do. The facial expressions and voice acting are some of the best I have ever seen, the game truly is an experience and being the one watching you always have the option to criticize the one making the choices.

4. Starcraft II

The game which really made E-Sports what it is today. If you are a follower of the game and understand the mechanics seeing professionals play is a treat. You understand how difficult one thing is and how their split second timing is really that good. For those who don't play or understand it isn't difficult to pickup and watching just makes you want to learn more. It is like watching a sport you never have and those watching it with you teaching you along the way.

3. Heavy Rain

Watching Heavy Rain is a treat in itself. The game is one full of moral choices and watching some else struggle through them is not something to look down upon. You will be right there with them at every move cheering them on and hoping Ethan can just find his son.

2. The Walking Dead

Even if you never press a single button by the end you will be crying just like everyone else. The game has such an amazing story that will keep you engaged the entire time. Truly cannot say anything else without giving away. Just a treat all in itself.

1. Anything Naughty Dog

No one does action adventure like Naughty Dog. The Uncharted Trilogy is in my opinion the best series of games which have been made, and the Last Of Us well that may be the best game I have ever played. Not only are they great to play but the story is so well written and voice acted that you are left always wanting more even when watching. Hell I have even watched others play after I already have because they are just that epic.

There you have it this week's list. As always tell me what you think or how mostly turns out what you didn't agree with.


  1. All those are really a greta treat to watch but really no fighting games? I always find they are the most fun to watvh others play

    1. Maybe in small groups but on a mass scale it gets old. At least in my opinion

    2. I enjoy watching a good Soul Calibur or Street fighter match up as much as anyone but I was going for more so the experience along with the entertainment value. If I had to though I would have thrown SC5 as #6