Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You Fail At Wanting To Play MMO's If...

Fail Day! I know you are excited I can tell by my ability to hack into your web cam as you are reading this. I also see you making sure your webcam isn't active. You are saying you don't have a webcam? Well I just happen to be able to see in your windows... Don't you feel better? Regardless of my ability to stalk you it is Fail Day so why don't we just get to it.

You Fail At Wanting To Play MMO's If...

  • You don't have the patience to do the same task everyday
  • Dailies are your mortal enemy
  • The word grind tends to give you the powers of the Hulk
  • You are the furthest thing from a people person
  • You don't feel like raiding
  • You are not allowed to raid
  • You often have moments you have done this before in another game
  • No boss encounter has original tactics to you
  • You enjoy playing games not on a schedule
  • You like story too much
  • You are behind everyone...
  • You made a list of better ways to spend your subscription money
  • You want real competition not "Fake" competition
and finally
  • You have out grown the MMO style
There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope I offended at least some of you!


  1. haha anyone who has ever played an MMO has to understand

  2. This is Brillant lol

  3. What if I've been playing MMOs since before dailies existed? :)

    1. Then you have been playing them at least as long as I have. And I know thats a long time