Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wipe the Dust from your Steam account...

Safiree & Gauss
Mostly Epic Saturdays

 Happy Saturday everyone, hope it was an awesome week. This week has been full of variety. PVP grind, among other gaming. Mostly on Steam. If you're a gamer, you know what steam is and the torture it comes with. SOOO MANY OPTIONS! Honestly I think people should spend more time playing the simple free to play games. Will make your life much happier. :)

Realm Of the Mad Gods: Free to play, simple, and it's a game you can pick up and walk away from easily. It can be addictive and worth the time you put into it.

Team Fortress 2: FUN FUN FUN! Nothing more to say. The only thing better than this being free to play, is the videos on youtube. You're welcome.

Spiral Knights: If you like Zelda, you will enjoy this. It is also free to play. I haven't had much luck with it. Haven't really put too much time into it because i've been pvping. For a good adventure I recommend :)

 This weekend there are games free to play temporarily. Dead Island Riptide, Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm- beta etc. Should check them out :)

 For me Steam is a place where all my games go to die. I play the ones I've put a lot of money into, when I can. A lot of people love the smaller company games Steam hosts, compared to bigger titles Blizzard throws at us. I try to balance my gaming but it is hard sometimes. Play simple Wii games, Sim City, Starcraft, Rift, and Steam games. All with Gauss :)

 Which games would you recommend playing? A lot of people have asked me to try Terra. Sorry not gonna happen LOL. Keep in mind Trion is having an event called "Extra Life". A gaming marathon, playing 25 hours straight November 2nd, all proceeds go towards those in need across the country. Participating grants awesome rewards, including special titles, and for donors huge prizes they haven't yet revealed. Register online for the event for free and help those in need. As always thanks for reading! Have the best weekend.

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  1. Steam is only good for communication while gaming other than that I hate it.