Friday, September 6, 2013

Free To Play

Here we are at the end of the week deciding what we are going to be doing this weekend. I play on playing some Civilization 5 with Safiree and Khulk been awhile since I have played and kind of got the itch to play it some. Besides Safiree has never played so how could I resist the temptation to own her at something. That is beside the point of this post though. It is Friday which means it is time for the Reader Post. The post of the week where I take one submitted to myself at and let you have the show for the day. So here it is Hindkey

Hey Gauss this is Hindkey or Markus if you prefer real names, figured I would take my shot at this week's reader post. Something has been on my mind a lot lately, and I figured it was worth writing to you about. What is with all this free to play crap going around? I understand the draw of it. You can play the game for free, but do people not realize that they are trying to draw you in with that in order to take all your money? League of Legends is the prime example of this. Why is there even a leveling system? You could say it is to learn champions and get the credits to purchase them. No it is pointless and causes players to realize they will need to purchase something unless they want to spend insane amount of time playing something.

Free to play games are marketed towards the casual player but they are anything but that. They favor the hardcore player because they are the ones who will end up playing for free, but the one who wants to play here and there is the one who is going to end up spending the money to do so. And these marketing schemes are disgusting if they think people are that stupid. Well some apparently are and end up spending hundreds of dollars on games which in a normal world would have been $60 at most. 

I understand it is the persons decision to spend the money, but the game is almost telling you have to or you have to play it forever. It is not fair really. I am not expecting them to give me everything for free I just want companies to be honest of their intentions to pray on the casual gamer to make their money off of them. They should feel ashamed of themselves but really they are just playing with their money.

Thanks Hindkey for the post. Thought out and you have an opinion to be proud of. I am not really a fan of free to play for the same reason. Games really end up going free to play so they CAN make more money.

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  1. He makes a good point. Free to play games tend to pray on people's urges