Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You Fail At Being Awesome If...

Fail Day! Yes I know it is that day once again. The day where I decide to make one or many people feel horrible about themselves for the enjoyment of others. Let it be known that your sacrifice in this manner is recognized and will never be forgotten. Well that is until the next Fail Day when we do it all over again. This week I decide to do a serious topic... Who am I kidding? This week I decide to poke fun at the special of the special people,

You Fail At Being Awesome If...
  • You only play free to play games
  • You at any point have said you mad bro doing an argument
  • You own a Call of Duty game
  • You post on forums about how horrible such and such a game is when you play it daily
  • You post on a forum about a game you no longer play just to make people rage
  • You own a turtle mount
  • Your method of earning in game currency revolves around you spending real money
  • You have to remind people you are awesome constantly
  • You believe League of Legends is the epitome of gaming skill
  • You said "no" to the last one but were saying in your head it was a first person shooter game
  • You play Xbox regularly
  • You hate on D3 because you think that makes you one of the cool kids
  • Your attempts at being clever when naming yourself resulted in you just misspelling something
  • At any point you say "Mom just one more" while you are gaming

and finally
  • You started typing a comment on this post at any time ragging at anything I said
There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it!


  1. if you are not awesome? Or is that too obvious?

  2. I am awesome because if I enjoy a free-to-play game I drop a little money on it to reward the developers.