Monday, September 16, 2013


Here we are another Monday another weekend over. Another day where there just isn't enough coffee or redbull. Maybe there is enough coffee with redbull but that is i'm awake on a whole new level. Regardless it is Monday which means Breaking Bad was yesterday and there is only 1 episode left making me a sad panda should be a good one and now I am at the longest point in the week from the last one. So what do we have to make my day better? Well Machinima Monday of course. The post of the week where I showcase a machinima or animation for all of you to see. This week I went with Lamien by Hybrim. The description reads as follows

From the creators of stuff you probably don't know about, Hybrim Entertainment presents a Machinima parody of classic science fiction films... Plot: Some time in the future with spaceships and shit, a crew of truckers in space land on an alien planet to do sci-fi stuff when everything goes wrong.

It is a good watch but is over 15 minutes so just make sure you have the time, but it is worth it if you can pick up all the references. You will thank me later.

You welcome. Enjoy your day.

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