Saturday, September 7, 2013

Switching Roles

Safiree & Gauss
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 Hello everyone! Good week? Mine was. I've been doing a lot more reading, and catching up with everyone I used to game with back in World of Warcraft (the days before Gauss) and it seems like a lot of the older gamers haven't been gaming barely if at all. Maybe it's just me but I know for a fact I will be a granny gamer still dominating everything I come across. (._.) Or attempting to dominate anything at all lol.

 We've started up Civilization 5 Brand New World. It's pretty insane. Especially with Gauss and I playing. I'm still learning for end game things, but it's pretty awesome so far. I always pick Germany...of course. He picks Rome. Playing it with a few other friends as well. Other than that it's been grinding in Rift. PVP, rep, and I even have been leveling my cleric healer.

 Speaking of which Clerics are so overpowered I don't understand how the developers even came up with their heals. Basically made them God-like because in Warfronts, or even dungeons I can do mass amounts of healing, not once drop below 95% mana, and nobody can kill me. It's also incredibly easy. 

 I'm still really upset with how they have done rogues in Rift. I vowed I wouldn't ever be a stunlock rogue... but it's the only melee spec that works in PVP. Ranged 61mm is just too slow, takes time to build up.. not to mention the boring rotation. o_o  Many things are becoming so repetitive in Rift. Which is why were switching things up, by doing even more games along with it.

 I will say, I can definitely eat some of the comments i've always made about healers, now that I have finally had the experiences of one. It can be tough, especially when you are healing for idiots who always stand in stuff they aren't supposed to, or they LOS your heals, and run away from you but then complain about not getting heals! That was always the nice thing about playing random in Starcraft. Learning the other side of things, how to counter, and how to reach your objective with a bit more insight.

Again, thanks for reading and the continued support has been great. Thanks guys! Have the best weekend. C:


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  1. Thats MMOs though grind grind and grind. I actually hate Civs since back when I played civ 3 and kept getting own by barbarians