Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes it is the end of the weekend already I will give you your moment of silence on the time you wasted...

So Sunday meaning Ask Gauss you know the post of the week where I answer questions sent to me throughout the week. I know there is some of you who don't know how to send in your questions and if you are still confused check out the top right of the page to see the bunch of different ways to do so. Or if you are too lazy to do so just send your email to So now to the questions.

Your thoughts on Garrosh not being killed?

To be honest I think it was done on purpose. Now it could be because they want it to lead into the next expansion like I think they may. Have to admit there will be a bunch of the leaders at the trial so with so many in one spot you have to think something will happen. Even then I truly doubt Garrosh will get the death penalty, and the reason why is the Illidan issue.

What is that? Well Blizzard has said not directly, but implied they would want to bring Illidan back for a redemption type story. Now because he is part Demon there is ways around this. When demons are killed they are sent to the nether and can make their way back. Now no one really knows how long this process could take but it does exist. Garrosh on the other hand is just an Orc and this wouldn't be entire possible. So if he is going to be sentenced to death I feel he will some how get out of it. Who knows how, but he will. I just feel we haven't seen the end of him and he does have a part to play.

Did you see the new screenshots for Lightning returns? Any thoughts?

I think there was just enough information in them to not be spoilers, but enough to make you wonder. Not to mention the setting shots look amazing but really that is to be expected. If they didn't look as good as they do I think that would be cause for concern. No one does landscapes and settings better. Also I was glad to see so many of the characters seem to be returning for the finale. For those who haven't seen them here is one to tease you.

What ruins a good day of gaming?

People. And yes I'm serious.

Questions answered! Try to make what is left of your weekend count!


  1. I agree they don't want to make a mistake of killing of a character they put so much story time to. Doesn't mean they can't come back some time later. I think the same can be said for Magatha to a lesser extent as to why Baine didn't kill her

    1. I am of the opinion they are scared to kill off people ever since Arthas. People get attached simple as that and they dont want the backlash from it.