Monday, September 23, 2013

The Soul Blade

Monday Morning... Yes I know....

So skipping all that crap let's get to the point. Machinima Monday! The post of the week where I take an machinima, animation or today's case live action video and showcase it for all of you to see. Now I have yet to showcase any live action's mostly because a lot of the time they are beyond horrible. This one is just a trailer as the full length clip comes out later on today. I just wanted to get all of you pump up to watch it by seeing the pretty awesome effects which take place. Who knows maybe this could spark others to make great live action pieces and I may end up showing more of them. Only time will tell, but until then here is the trailer for The Soul Blade.

Watch the trailer, watch the full length and tell me what you think. Besdies that try and enjoy your Monday

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