Thursday, September 12, 2013

So 5.4

So 5.4 has been out for a couple days now and I have been getting tons of information from all of you on what you think and what you like and don't like about it. Even though I don't play anymore I am still extremely interested in how things are going down. Especially story wise. I am also interested into how flex raiding is going to work out as it is an extremely interesting idea and something I would have appreciated to train new members with back when I played.

Of course the thing everyone is looking forward to is what happens after the fight with Garrosh. Is he going to be killed? Is it going to be Vol'jin shooting him in the back, or is there going to be a Grom type moment. No one knows and Blizzard has been pretty tight lipped about the whole thing. Now Cata's ending made sense in the long run, but really wasn't the ending anyone expected. I hope this is an ending people do not expect, but at the same time I don't want it to be completely out there.

Also I certainly don't want it to end with Thrall saying "I am back bitches" because to me Thrall's Horde has came and gone and I don't think the game and the story as a whole would be better for Thrall being the Warchief once again.

Enjoy and keep all the feedback coming!


  1. It is actualy pretty amazing you would like it

  2. In my opinion they got the flex tuning right... I'm someone who thought normals were tuned too high in Cat and MoP so I think I can speak relatively well for the target market. Oddly, while I think the tuning is right, the group I ran it with had a bit too much success... 4 bosses, only 3 wipes. I expect that'll change in later wings but I might have preferred a bit more of a struggle. Still, I prefer lighter tuning to higher tuning since you can always step up in difficulty.

    The details of what happens to Garrosh have already come out. I'll avoid spoilers here in case anyone's avoiding them but they'll be tough to ignore for any length of time.

    1. Ya this post was written before all that came out. I will be doing one tomorrow on my thoughts on Garrosh. I am glad to here flex is workable though even if the early wings are rather simple. They were trying to make the difficulty according to ICC10 normal mode. Would you say that is where the difficulty is at?