Friday, September 13, 2013

Garrosh's End

So there will be no Reader Post this week because Garrosh's end has come out and I have had tons of requests on my take on it. With that in mind this post has an extreme amount of SPOILERS so if you don't want any of those then don't keep reading and then complain about spoilers. So with that in mind here it goes

First off here are the two endings specific to the faction the kill was achieved on

So a few things about this. I am glad with the choice. I think picking a non-orc shows the Horde as accepting of all the races. Also the Horde needs a martial Warchief, and Thrall for all his accomplishments is a diplomat. Vol'jin has been with Thrall the entire time, he rejected an offer by the God King of the Trolls himself to join the Zandalari himself, even when shadows of doubt lingered around him, he stayed loyal to the Horde and what it stood for, even working with the Allliance to preserve what he saw all his Horde, true family.

What is of interest is the random appearance by Gallywix and Sylvanas' rather approach to the whole thing. There is also of not how Jaina is still quite upset and may actually become Sylvanas' mirror on the Alliance. AS Varian and Garrosh used to be.

One of the bug things is Garrosh isn't dead and he is going to have a trial. I assume this will be the lead in to the next expansion as the last time all the leaders got together well Thrall got split into pieces and ended up getting married. So I just have a feeling that something big if not huge is going to happen and that trial, but we will have to wait and see the result.

Overall I think it is a interesting ending. Varian recognizes the Horde is broken, but is not sure if the Alliance is worth the sacrifice in dismantling it, and let's be honest I am pretty sure the Horde leaders would be able to kill the Alliance ones who were there in the room.

So that is it my thoughts, let me know what you think one way or another.

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  1. Things have to end in some crazy way. Are they just going to keep Garrosh in prison seems pretty weak in my mind.