Saturday, September 21, 2013



 Hello everyone. Happy Saturday! Lately, i've been grinding, and not in a good way. My grand quest to get to 80 prestige has now been upped to 90. I'll be the first to admit that I absolutely have to be in the mood to pvp. I get angry so fast. Because when you put too many stupid people in one group things can ruin the whole experience. I am currently 61, and yes, I am very, very much intimidated by the 29 more levels I have to go. I am pushing past the fact that I don't want to do this, because I don't agree with how much EXP it takes to get the decade increments, it is just ridiculous, and I feel like Trion is lazy in that regard. But hell, MMO's FTW =D

 Being as competitive as I am though, I don't rate myself and my skills to what gear I have because it isn't accurate. People get this mindset that because they are in merc gear they wont be able to kill higher levels, but it can happen. Vice versa with Warlords. Anyone can get gear. If you think about how long it takes to grind warfronts, or battlegrounds to get the PVP gear you need all of that time is valuable practice for scenarios that otherwise you wouldn't be prepared for. Although.. warlord gear is the kind of gear you want so bad it makes you sorry.  

 WARFRONTS: So much fun. Especially when you join into one that is winning. One time I joined one that was half over, and I was slaughtering people so much so I didn't even pay attention if I was merced or not. I raged at the control points because it wouldn't let me change it! Pretty sure I've covered this before. But it is well worth complaining about again because being an idiot is just soooo easy lol. I've recently had an amazing mentor teach me how to be a melee rogue. It is pretty epic. I've noticed a lot of other melee players are so easily kited, but I can assure you after playing a 61MM rogue for a while you will not fall for it. Hopefully. I do have a lot more practice in melee spec, mostly to get the STRAFE, STAB, SHANK down.

CONQUEST: Depending on if you make the premade, which is alot harder now with RIFT's newest patch, you can either be a fast capped winner, or they can prolong the win with extra kills in between extractors which is legit so much prestige it is HEAVEN to someone like me leveling. I recommend using pots, battle serums etc. They might not seem like much but they do make a huge difference. Also, if you use spotify I recommend the heaviest dubstep you can find. Makes killing your victims so much more passionate. LOL
If you have a pocket healer, or even just a tank that helps too obviously. If you don't want to put money into the game, I recommend putting some time into PVE in RIFT so that you can just buy REX RIFT EXCHANGE's to buy prestige vials, or favor vials. Although i'm doing my grind with none of those if you are impatient and hate PVP grinds go for it.

If you have any questions about any of my specs I will gladly post them, along with my rotations. I have a kick ass spec also for support. SAB/TACT it's pretty boss. Have a great weekend loves!



  1. There system is just a sad attempt to get people to play their game. It isn,t fun and doesn't reward those who are better than others. It is an older style which Blizzard realized no one enjoyed and scrapped it for the arena system. Any idiot can get to the top level with time and it really proves nothing besides the time you were able to put in. Or in the case of free to play the money you did. Sorry for the rant I wish you the best of luck anyway.

    1. Agreed! Except, with some things you have to actually work for the gear rather than just buying it. I dislike that very much about rift. But they have to make money somehow I suppose. I loved Arena in WoW, wish they would do something like that in rift. =/