Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ask Gauss

It is Sunday! Of course it is, why wouldn't it be? For the people who still don't know Sunday is Ask Gauss, the day of the week that go through and answer some of the emails I have received throughout the week that I believe people would like my insight on. Well that is the idea anyway. Maybe I am just way off about what people think, but who knows. Also there are still people that still have no clue how to send a question in. Actually, I find it amusing people send me an email asking how to send in an email to ask a question... Anyways, it is very simple. Top right of the page there is a link that you can click on, if you are not into that sort of thing you can always send an email directly to See now doesn't that sound nice and easy? So before I go on babbling about god knows what let's get to the questions.

So what does the G-Man think about the daily heroic changing to a weekly total?

This is probably the best idea that I think Blizzard has come up with in a long time. I originally assumed they made it a daily so people had to log into their game everyday. If they are logged in everyday then they are playing. The other reason is to make sure the content they designed ie the heroics actually get done. So they are just taking that "log in everyday" out, which is a great idea. This means people can still do 1 a day or they can do any combination, but they only get the valor points for the first 7. This means you wont have people saying "I already did my daily today sorry". I am a little concerned about queue times on say Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday will be rather long, but we will have to wait and see how that goes. So yes if I could give Blizzard a high five for doing this I would. GG Blizz.

What is your opinion on the amount of Valor Points one will be able to get from just running heroics in 4.1?

Well I am glad first of all that there is a cap that you can not max out just from running heroics, because in my opinion I think that would just be wrong. Now I am not a fan of people getting points at all from not raiding, but Blizzard doesn't agree with that and I have accepted that this is going to be the case. What most people probably don't realize is the reason that they allow players to get points in such ways. When people logically progress their character it goes Normal, Heroics, Raids. The problem is if you don't get at least some Valor points from Heroics the player wanting to progress from Heroics to Raids will never get that chance. They will always be behind and in the process won't be able to join a raiding guild. So what does a person do that cannot progress their character in such a way? Well they either just quit, or they start a new guild. Now this may seem weird, but Blizzard doesn't want players to start guilds in such a way. This basically doesn't "improve" their player base. Basically all the people that couldn't get into other guilds join this guild and this guild may progress, but right when these people get enough gear they jump ship to the guild they always wanted to get into in the first place. Thus the new guild is back at square one and Blizzard has a lot of loyal unhappy customers who are stuck doing the same bosses over and over.

So this is their way to make sure a guild is never created in this manner. People will join guilds rather than creating their own and people joining it for selfish purposes. This also makes the recruitment pool much larger and the player base benefits as a whole. Also as long as heroics are kept at a difficulty that isn't stupid easy the player base won't be morons from just running heroics. Meaning a large plus for all raiding guild recruits.

How did you decide what you would talk about on your blog?

I talk about something in particular? You must be new here.

There you have it all that is it for this week. Hope you all got what you were looking for and maybe something you actually needed. A quick thanks to WoW Insider for the plug on the Daily Quest always appreciated and glad to know you think others would enjoy something I may be saying. Next week's Reader Post is simple I am looking to my fellow bloggers, how did you all decide what you were going to write about? As always you have till Thursday evening to get those submissions in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend and remember Spring starts today around 7:30pm


  1. Sure you talk about something you talk about WOW!

  2. Tend to agree makes recruitment much easier