Thursday, March 3, 2011

By The Numbers

So over at the Grumpy Elf there is a post today about numbers so I thought I would also play the numbers game to show you all the fun and exciting "Big Numbers" I have achieved while playing this game.

Achievement Points: 10700

There are so many of the new questing areas I want to see which will make this number rise even higher. So that 11000 number is just around the corner.

Most Factions at Exalted: 56

Yes 56 I am all about the rep grinds except those stupid ogres I hate the damn ogres.

Vanity Pets: 101
Mounts Owned: 114

I had no idea I had so many mounts that is actually pretty crazy to me.

Elixir Consumed Most: Noggenfogger(375)

Yes I love my skelly form and the skelly cower.

Epic Items Acquired: 2658

Damn that is a lot of epics

Daily Quests Completed: 3010

Did I mention I hate dailies?

Total Deaths: 8891

I love attacking the floor.

Raised as a Ghoul: 117

My DK guildies love me apparently

Flight Paths Taken: 1342
Number of Times Hearthed: 1342

I actually don't remember the last time I took a flight path, since all this flying in the old world nowadays.

So those are my numbers. How do yours look?


  1. I have only been raised as a ghoul 8 times. You must get some real love.

  2. Epic Items Acquired: 2658

    Damn that is a lot of epics

    Damn! That is ALOT of loot Master - ing <3

  3. Did you hear what they're doing with being rezzed as a ghoul? D= they're making it take up one of your resurrection uses (Battle Rez/Reincarnation)which really sucks

  4. Fail Gauss. Total fail.

    You have not been killed by Hogger and it's now almost impossible to be killed by him at your level. Oh we could do it, but you'd have to do exactly what I told you to do.