Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Fail At Emoting If...

Tuesday it is once again. It is like 7 days went by or something. With Tuesday though everyone knows that it is Fail Day and you come here to read to feel awesome I am not talking about you, feel ashamed that I mentioned something you have done, or laugh and laugh and well laugh some more. Today I am doing a topic I really cannot believe I have ever done mainly because when you really think about it so many people fail at this.

You Fail At Emoting If...
  • You always wonder what the "strange gestures" emote is.
  • You do /welcome when you are trying to say welcome
  • You /cheer to make people think you won an auction
  • You /wave or /hi NPCs because you didn't know you still had them targeted
  • You have never bothered someone by spamming /attacktarget at them
  • You didn't know /e is a custom emote
  • You /thank someone after they do an enchant for you when you didn't tip them
  • You don't know why the teepee and wigwam joke is funny
  • You didn't know about /map
  • You thought /gquit was an emote
  • You didn't know you could turn into a flaming female draenei with a /dance
  • You didn't know you can disconnect you and everyone around you from the game from spamming emotes
  • You have that mod for Warlocks that spams those stupid emotes when you summon a pet
  • You have never /golfclap to a Paladin

and finally

  • You have done /camp because someone told you it was an amazing emote

There you have it this week's edition of Fail Day. Hope you all enjoyed it. Good Luck on this Free Loot Tuesday.


  1. I have made so many people fall for that /camp thing it is awesome.

  2. Wow i didn't know about /map i feel stupid

  3. Missing:
    - You used /shake to indicate a hand- or headshake.



  4. OK LOL that was awesome thanks for the laugh I needed it.