Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Queue Times

As many of you know who play a DPS spec queue times are 30+ minutes. This can, of course, be fixed by queuing with guildies or friends who are a tank or a healer. Now for players who this is an option for that works for us, but what I know and what Blizzard must know is that this makes the queue times for those DPS in queue even longer. Why? Well because if a tank or healer friend is only queuing with a DPS then a DPS that is already in a queue is not going to get in that spot in the group if the tank/healer didn't queue alone. Meaning a DPS is jumping the line. Now there have been many solutions put forth for this to be fixed, but what is my idea?

Well the simple solution is just to have more tanks and healers something which is easier said then done. What we don't want to do is drain the Tanks and Healers that are in the queue out. My solution isn't a perfect one, but I believe it will help slightly. You see when Dual spec was introduced many DPS created a Healer or Tank off spec that they would then gear for and learn to play that much better. You see when something is available to you in a game like WoW it is as if you have to use it and improve upon it. Now I know some people use their offspec for PvP or a second PvE spec I know this, hell I do it currently. Now what if Blizzard made Tri-Spec a possibility. I think this would increase the Tank and Healers not by a massive amount, but by an amount that the wait time in queue is actually noticable. Sure we will still have people using it for PvP or extra PvE specs, but even if only 1 person uses it to add another tank or healer to the queue the times will improve.

Just a simple thought that someone at Blizzard has had to thought of, and have to know that it will make those customers of theirs waiting in these long queues that much better.


  1. Not a bad idea, but Blizzard is not about trivalizing talent decisions

  2. I think when you bring up the idea of trispec you only ever bring up the idea of Quad spec

  3. Didn't blizzard already say that they were definitely not doing tri-specs?