Friday, March 11, 2011

Your Theme Song

Friday is here and it couldn't have come soon enough am I right? Friday around here is a very simple day it is the day when I hand over the posting to all of you. This week the topic for the Reader's Post was a simple one. I wanted you to think of a theme song for your toon in WoW. I know pretty interesting topic and I will tell you that I got some pretty interesting responses so how about we see what they were.

I always giggled when playing my Dwarf Warrior and Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song came up. "I come from the land of the ice and snow, with the midnight sun, where the hot springs blow!"

When I'm getting corpse camped, And my guild are on the way to back me up, I generally stick on Pistol Grip Pump From the RATM renegades cd. They can be messin' with other people's stuff, but they can't be messin' with mine.

Manowar – Warriors of the World United. This is what I hear in my head when I am ready to start tanking an instance. Its got a march theme to it and just gets me pumped before a raid. Lyrics are kinda corny, but it also fits with Warcraft at the same time. STAND AND FIGHT TOGETHER!

So far, aside from Heather Alexander's "The March of Cambreadth" much better live, though, with the whole audience screaming "How many of them can we make die!" all I'm coming up with is "Re: Your Brains" which is odd since I've never played a Forsaken. In fact, I now have the chorus "All we want is to eat your brains" stuck on infinite loop in my mind.

Iron Maiden Be Quick or Be Dead. The title says it all. Fits perfectly with my PvP centric hunter. Fast paced, adrenaline rush type of music. And I am a metal freak.

Starfire by Dragonforce. I don't think I could a better song to say what I would want my toon to be. "And we're standing one and all fight untill we fall Hoping for a better day, never giving in". Would just make me want to kick some more as each and every time.

Is there any choice but Indestructible by disturbed. It is basically a song about someone on a quest which along the way deals with him fighting for his life to preserve himself in the process not to mention it as saying how he is completely pro at kicking anyone and everyones ass.

So that is it for this week hope you all who didn't submit are thinking in your head what your theme song would be. Then of course you will be playing it endlessly and everyone will get bothered with you because you are driving them absolutely mad. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Any dragonforce song would really work in my opinion.

  2. LOL immigrant song is awesome for a dwarf