Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Speak So You Should Listen

So I have come to the conclusion on why people think Cataclysm is hard for a variety of reasons and I just want to use this post as an outlet to try and make people understand the problem. So this may come off to some that I feel I am just better or know better. For the people that actually think that is the case that is probably actually true, but for the people that understand and think about what I am saying they will know and understand what I am saying rings true. So by all means if you don't agree or think I am being a douche tell me. I so enjoy hearing back from anyone and everyone especially the haters.


If you are a tank and think Cataclysm is hard it is pretty simple. You were a pally tank that was used to checking their facebook and doing nothing but press one button every couple seconds. You have no idea on stat priorities and have always reallied on your healers to make up for your mistakes. You cannot tank and move and keep aggro, only 1 of the previous are able to be done at any given time.


So if you are a DPS and you think Cataclysm is hard it comes down to a few things. You hate interrupting or have no clue how to do it. You have CC that you have never used before and have to learn how to use it to be an effective player. You have always expected tanks and healers to make up for your mistakes of standing in the fire dpsing the wrong target etc etc.


If you are a healer and think Cataclysm is hard then you have no idea how to manage your mana correctly. You are spamming one spell and are not thinking about what you are actually healing. You have tunnel vision problems and cannot heal yourself out of these problems. You ignore boss mechanics and try to heal through them. You have an impression that DPS is easy and healing is 100x more difficult.

It is as simple as that. Tell me how I am wrong and I will be happy to listen.


  1. I agree 100%, it is as simple as learning the game as it was meant to be played

  2. Spot on with the healers. I was kind of bummed when they buffed shammys...making it a little too easy.