Monday, March 7, 2011

Thunder Axe War

Going on with how Monday's have become the Machinima day I am going with the flow. Also because I have this thing with coming up with names for days I need one for this. Too bad someone is already using Machina Monday, because that would actually be perfect. So getting back on topic, and what I chose for today. So for those that didn't know over on Sha'tar EU server March 1st through to the 6th they were having a roleplaying event known as the Thunder Axe War. They created this trailer for the event and even if the event is over this is epic enough for you to watch it.

I hope they release some videos of the actual event taking place, because with what I can only assume was an insane amount of time and effort I hoped it all worked out for them. If I hear anything I will make sure to keep you all posted on the happenings.

Enjoy your last day before reset, there must be things for you to do!

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  1. Wow that video was extremely well done wish I could have taken part.