Monday, March 21, 2011

Ragnaros Cereal

Oh it is Monday and everyone loves Monday. Well I guess no one really loves Monday, but let's just run with it. Monday has a new tradition in Gauss Land for all those who haven't picked up on it. I show Machinima videos of any variety that I believe you will find interesting. This week since Firelands is not too far away I decided to go with this commercial made for a Ragnaros cereal by the WoW Outcast Network. Have a look.

One thing I think they are missing is someon funny lines they could have used to make this even better. Think of "TWO SCOOPS, EXECUTUS!" or "TASTE THE FLAVOURS OF SULFURON!", but maybe that is me just going a little bit overboard.

As always tell me what you think or if you have a video you think people would enjoy send me a link and I will have a look. Enjoy your last day before reset.


  1. OMG that was so totally juvenile, but I laughed like crazy.

  2. LMAO like an old joke but still funny