Friday, March 18, 2011

What Should Be Brought Back

Friday is here once again and we should all be thankful for it for some reason or another. With Friday as always is the case is time for the Reader Post the post where I ask you the readers to write it based on a topic I have given you. So this week I asked people to send in their submissions based on what they would like to see updated for a heroic as ZG and ZA was done. So lets have a look at what people said.

Personally, I'd like to see Scholo and Strath make a comeback. And upper and lower Blackrock Spire, which would actually fit in with the current lore thanks to Deathwing and the black dragon flight.

Blackrock Depths. With the absolutely god awful abortion that is the Lyceum when it's mobs respawned on a 20 second respawn timer, or what ever ludicrously faster timer it was. Whatever it was, it was fucking fast. You had to keep moving or they would respawn on top of you. Oh and the flame jets on the boss (who's name escapes me) before Emperor would one shot clothies. Oh and it still has to have all 22 bosses. 22x70JP=1540 for a full clear. Now there is some epic debating about full clear vs. optional bosses.Personally I loved full clearing BRD. 3+ hours in a 5 man. Those were the days.

In my opinion of my preference I'd like to see scarlet monastery or ragefire chasm. I have no lore behind my opinions is just the fact I enjoyed those alot and I would like to see them re-done for lvl 85 Scarlet seems like another MGT imo. Alot of humanoids, lots of trash, lots of CC. I'm not sure how the fights would be re-done for mechanics but I'm sure blizzard could come up with something. As far as RFC goes seems like alot of fun, I think there needs to be more trash though if it was re-done. That or make trash packs hit harder & add mini-mechanics to them. Again I have no ideas for bosses. You said you'd like to see dungeons redone in my opinion and I said I'd like to see rfc & sm done.

Personally I would be fine with a Caverns of Time type LFD tool that let's you run nostalgia raids/instances at level cap for noncombat items like mounts, vanity items, pets, etc. That way lore doesn't have to matter and we can all still enjoy the old dungeons at a higher difficulty level. They wouldn't have to really change a thing but raise the health pools, levels, and dmg of the mobs. This would be outside the random dungeon tool and wouldn't drop gear so players wouldn't feel obliged to run it. It would be more of a fun thing to do on the side to collect vanity items instead.

I got this submission and I thought it was beyond amusing. Only with the tag "Wouldn't you love to run this as a random everyday

And there we have it. Thank you all for the submissions make sure to look for next week's topic during Ask Gauss. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. That carverns time idea is a pretty good one and would let people expierence content for their level just see the design part of it being rather difficult.

  2. Oh, man, WC is still one of my favorites... It use to be so hard!

    By the way, do you know where I could get my hands on more maps like that? Been playing for almost 6 years and I still get lost sometimes. :(

  3. Scarlet Monastery would be an absolute blast in hard-mode. It is still one of my favorite places to romp in, killing everything at once.

  4. WC makes me want to punch babies