Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Fail At Saying Cataclysm Is Too Hard If...

Fail Day is here once again everyone. The day of the week where we feel better about ourselves because we are not someone else. Yes, I thought of that line all by myself, but seriously one day I will understand everyone's fascination with Fail Day. You see I get this picture of Gauss Nation members that would laugh at a kid who fell off the monkey bars or some how ended up rolling down a slide instead of sliding down it. Who am I kidding I would probably laugh too. Anyways before I add to my stack of hate mail let's give everyone their weekly dose of fail.

You Fail At Saying Cataclysm Is Too Hard If...
  • You are not even level 85
  • You are doing instances in greens
  • You ask where to buy your free epics
  • You find it hard to move out of the way of the giant worm shooting out of the ground in the Stonecore
  • You are a mage
  • You couldn't complete the quest "Gnomebliteration"
  • Your most prestigious title is Jenkins
  • You are still complaining there are no portals in Dalaran
  • You think it is stupid you cant ignore boss mechanics and do everything you are supposed to do wrong and the boss still die
  • Your stupidity has no cooldown
  • You believe interrupts are for everyone to do except you
  • You have no idea why there is a priest yelling "Click the lightwell you worthless moron"
  • Your faction never controls Tol Barad
  • Your name is Tombrady

and finally

  • You are a Wrath Baby

And there you have it this weeks edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and use it in whatever blackmail scheme you are planning...I mean I hope you pointed and laughed endless at some ret pally you kicked from your dungeon group. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday everyone.


  1. I wished I failed at Gnomebliteration so i could do it again.

  2. "Stupidity has no cooldown" LOL love that line

  3. Dude...seriously...what is up with people and the worm in stonecore.