Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Caverns of Time Raid

So as promised I am going to talk about how I think we will get some connections with the new CoT: War of the Ancients instance. As a review let's go over the CoTs so far.

Escape from Durnhold: Help Thrall escape Infinites try to stop you from doing so.
Opening of the Dark Portal: Make sure the Dark Portal is opened. Infinites try to stop you.
Battle for Mount Hjyal: Make sure Archimonde armies are not successful. No Infinite to be seen.
Culling of Stratholm: Make sure Arthas is successful in driving Mal'Ganis to Northrend. Infinites try to stop you.
War of the Ancients: Unknown as of yet

So many people believe that Nozdormu is responsible for the Infinite flight. There are many cases for this as they travel through time, which is a bronze thing, and there was that whole quest in Dragonblight that hinted at it. The theory basically states that Nozdormu is trying to stop his death with particular events that would lead to this happening, since for those who don't know when he was granted his abilities by the titans he was also shown the exact moment he would die.

Another working theory is that the Infinite dragons themselves are rogue dragons that are trying to stop things that would as they would think help the world. For example, if Thrall doesn't escape the Orcs don't get a renewed strength and there would be no new Horde as we know it. If the Dark portal doesn't get opened then the Orcs never come to Azeroth and the world never has to deal with the resulting conflicts. In CoS if Arthas doesn't succeed in culling Stratholm then he doesn't become the Lich King and Illidan is then successful at destroying the Frozen Throne. Everyone could argue that these would all be good things as a result. There is, of course, always the argument that the resulting timeline could in fact be a worse result, or that whatever happens is meant to happen. With mount Hjyal it can be argued that there was no Infintes because the result itself was the desired result, but then why not help to make sure it was achieved?

Now this leads us to the new instance and the Infinite, will they interfere? Well if they are trying to stop Nozdormu's death I believe that the infinite would interfere to stop the Aspect from losing a portion of his power with the creation of the Dragon Soul. If the Infinite are trying to stop events from happening that would result in timelines and a better result for the world. Then I believe they will be trying to stop in the creation of the Dragon Soul and Deathwing becoming empowered. The result of the war would have to remain the same, but I cannot see another reason for the instance besides the Dragon Soul itself. This would make sense because the expansion is all about Deathwing and this development is centred around him as well.

Regardless this is one of my favourite moments in Warcraft Lore and I will be glad to be right there experiencing it.


  1. Good insight worth the wait till Wednesday for it...

  2. This was written in KYL today on

    "In fact, what if the entire existence of timeline B is a destructive anomalous force sweeping through timeline A, and the only ones capable of opposing its relentless march of destruction are the appointed guardians of time, the Infinite Dragonflight -- who are the Bronze Dragonflight of timeline A?"