Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Fail At Smack Talking WoW If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! Over the past week I have heard a god awful amount of bitching, complaining and whatever else anyone could possibly say and I have frankly had enough of these clueless people running their mouths about things they have absolutely no clue about. So here goes!

You Fail At Smack Talking WoW If...
  • You said Guild Wars would be the WoW killer
  • You said Age of Conan would be the WoW killer
  • You said Warhammer would be the WoW killer
  • You said Aion would be the WoW killer
  • You post a wall of text on the forums about how you are quiting thinking people actually care
  • You complain the game has changed too much and is too hard
  • You go on and on about WoWs numbers diminishing when they are actually increasing the number of subscriptions
  • You created like 30 threads complaining that Firelands is not in patch 4.1
  • You were one of the people that complaining how there is X.X# patches and not just X.# patches but then complain when they do an X.# patch doesn't have what you expected.
  • You talk on and on how Blizzard only cares about money, and yet they don't charge for patches like other games do
  • You complain about recycled content without realizing that Blizzard is making content that already exists in the game useful.
  • You complain things are too easy, but then are the first to complain when they take away a title by increasing the difficulty because you earned it "Fairly"
  • You say you are unhappy and you hate this game, but you still pay for it every month
  • When complaining you offer no solution or ideas you just bitch and complain that stuff isn't as it should be without actually saying what "should be" is

And finally

  • You think Rift is the greatest thing ever made without realizing it is just WoW with a gimmick except it has no story to keep people interested

And there we have it this week's Fail Day. That feels really good to get that off my chest. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday.


  1. Did your head almost explode while writing that?

  2. Here here!

    Most especially - "You say you are unhappy and you hate this game, but you still pay for it every month."

  3. I agree I hate people that complain about everything and offer nothing. They just are the cause of the porblem they are complaining about

  4. It's sad because it's true, and they aren't even clever in their criticism. So much rage, so little wit.

  5. I totally agree, and this coming from someone who took a break for a year to go play Age of Conan. Which by the way is still an ok game, just doesnt have enough for me to continue playing. Where as, WoW seems to continue to be like an old friend who keep son marchin.

  6. To say any game is going to be a WoW killer is just silly just because the only entity that can kill WoW is Blizzard itself. I play both WoW and Rift and I agree that its no WoW killer but you must not have played very far into it if at all if you think the only thing special about it is a gimmik. There are two things that fundamentally make it completely different than WoW and those are Rift invasions and the class system.

    I don't think I'm going to be canceling my WoW account any time soon but for the time being I've been having a blast on Rift.

  7. Rift cannot last as it stands for a few reasons. Its main thing to put in to make questing more fun is a zerg fest. Secondly, the content difficulty makes Wrath look extremely difficult. The reason MMOs work is because you have to strive to achieve something. Rifts current content caters way to much to the side of "easy".

    Also the reason I said it is WoW with a gimmick is because of the invasions and because of the class design. If you ever go on the WoW forums and read the QQ posts about what classes need some of them being some of the being ideas that make no sense at all Rift has implemented things just like this. It is a merger of classes in order to give people everything they basically need on one character.

    Those being the exact reasons you said it was different than WoW. People will enjoy Rift and will play it, but they also have to realize what it is.