Friday, March 4, 2011

Caverns Of TIme Future

It is Friday so once again it is time for the weekly Reader Post. This week's post I asked you all to send in what think would make a great Caverns of Time instance in the future. So I got a lot of submissions for this, some of which already have happened so not sure if people are clueless or just want it redone, either way that wasn't the purpose of this post. Anyways, let's see what people had to say.

The Slaying of Mannoroth.
Mannoroth was perhaps one of the greatest pitlords that ever existed, and the infinite dragonflight are attempting to stop him from being slain. To counter Garrosh Hellscream and Thrall's attack on the mighty demon, the infinite dragons have sent an army of their finest members to old ashenvale. If the infinite flight succeeds then it is likely that Mannororth will aid kael'thas in the summoning of kil'jaedan, and if that happened....... The aim of this CoT instance would simply be to stop the legions of infinite dragons from reaching Thrall and Garrosh. Not sure on bosses. No doubt some legion dudes and infinite dragons would be bosses.

The War of the Spiders
The infinite dragonflight has turned its attention to northrend, and is attempting to re-make the outcome of the war of the spiders, the massive war between the scourge and nerubians. If the nerubians had won then these spider men would have taken over the world with help from the old gods. The infinite dragons have sent nerubian troops from the past, present and future to the final battle in the war of the spiders. You must now help the scourge to defeat the legions of nerubians. Time is short. The final boss to this dungeon would be wait for it an un-undead Anub'arak.

The March On Quel'Thalas.
After Kael'Thas failed to rebuild the sunwell, a group of his followers have contacted the infinite dragonflight who have sent them back in time to prevent the well from ever being destoyed in the first place. In return the bloodelves have promised that in the choas that will ineviably ensue because of the sunwells continued existence, the infinite dragons can lay claim to Azeroth.

Protect Rhonin as he destroys the Demon soul and saves Alexstrasza

Yeah... Save an Aspect? AWESOME! Plus Rhonin is awesome and Deathwing comes into the story and there is an epic fight between the Deathwing and the Aspects... and now that I think about it this could fit in with WotLK since they are adding Malygos and Dragonblight as a raid boss and zone... if you read the lore I think this may be where Malygos starts his war against all non-Dragon magic users... He is already slipped far into his madness and he finally leaves his cave and sees Rhonin and orc warlocks wreaking havoc over Azeroth

Razing of Stormwind or Sieging of Capital City
Either ensure that Garona is able to kill King Llane and that Stormwind is lost to the orcs, or defend Capital City from Orgrim Doomhammers assualt.

Titans vs Old Gods
I really believe eventually we will see this one. All the Titans will partake and we will finally learn if a Titan fell in the battle with C'thun. This will contain all the Elemental Lords and all the Old Gods.

The War of Three Hammers
Basically the battle of the dwarven races ending with the summoning of Ragnaros and the corruption of Grim Batol.

Battle of Thearmore
The battle that took place in the Orc Expansion of Warcraft III where Rexxar defeats Admiral Proudmore.

Fight alongside the quillboars of Razormane tribe to prevent the Infinite Dragonflight from saving Mankrik's Wife
and changing history!

That is it for this week. As always you can find out next week's topic if you would like to be apart of it and put in your submission during Ask Gauss. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I can see the Titan vs Old Gods being a CoT in the last expansion when the titans are going to play a very important role.